Thursday, 10 September 2015


P.Ramlee the Musical has performed for 3 successful and critically acclaimed seasons in KL, 1 season in Kuching and 1 in Singapore. Made 81,500 audiences laugh and cry. Won 8 awards at the Boh Cameronian Arts Awards for Musical Theatre, including Best Director, Best Set Design, Best Music & Sound Design, Best Supporting Actor, Best Original Script, Best performance by an Ensemble.

Enfiniti Vision Media,producers of awardwinning shows such as “P. Ramlee”, “Puteri Gunung Ledang” and also “MUD The Musical” is now bringing their most popular show on tour, “Dari Penang ke Singapura”, to reach out to fans of the Legend, and fans of musical theatre beyond Kuala Lumpur. This will be the first time a show of this scale is planning a tour of 3 states.

Quote from Tiara Jacquelina, President & Group C.E.O. of Enfiniti Vision Media, Producer of P. Ramlee The Musical. 

“My team and I at Enfiniti Vision Media are very happy to share our commitment to producing shows that will continuously contribute to the growth of the local performing arts scene. We are so happy that the shows we produce, provide quality entertainment not only to local audiences, but are also recognised by local and international tourists and media as major tourist attractions for visitors to Malaysia. 

Through our production of P. Ramlee The Musical, we want to celebrate the extraordinary life of the man who shaped the world of cinema and entertainment in the Malay Archipelago. P.Ramlee’s story is one of a young man who chased his dreams and became the brightest light in the local showbiz world. 

We, the Anak Seni who are fortunate enough to inherit his legacy today, owe so much to P.Ramlee for leaving us with the inspiration and aspiration to continue his legacy. We hope that through this musical, audiences will come to know the wonderful yet tragic story of his life, even generations after his passing. 

Art imitated life for him, and this was true of the comical as well as heart-wrenching iconic moments we remember and love in his films and his songs. “ 

“Hancur badan dikandung tanah 
Budi baik dikenang juga 
Biar alam hancur dan musnah 
Jasa mu tetap dikenang juga” 

Full details of P Ramlee The Musical Tour – “Dari Penang Ke Singapura”

11 September 2015 – 8.00pm 
12 September 2015 – 3.00pm 
12 September 2015 - 8.00pm 
13 September 2015 – 8.00pm 

Panggung Seri Kompleks JKKN Melaka, Ayer Keroh, Melaka

Tickets are priced at RM83, RM103, RM153 and RM203 and are available through the following platforms -

• For more information please call +603- 6142 9877 
• Ticketing Sales Channels as per attachment 
• All ticket charges with T&C apply 
• During the technical set up we are planning to invite few orphans homes and underprivileged youth to do a back stage tour under our outreach and CSR programmes. Corporations and individuals who would like to contribute towards making this happen can email or call us for more details. 

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @PRamleemusical 

For more information please call: 

Eja Ibrahim 
Head Of Publicity 
Enfiniti Vision Media


F42/F43, First Floor, 
Mahkota Parade, Bandar Hilir, 
75000, Melaka

And 17 outlets more in Kuala Lumpur to find out more details on

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